Main uses of misting systems

The misting systems atomize water trough high pressure pumps and, particurarly in hot days, they create a pleasant sensation of freshness (outdoor cooling).

The herarth of the fog misting system are the high pressure pumps where pressurize water at 1000psi (70BAR) and thank to nozzles the water will be spryed in tiny water droplets that quickly absorb energy (heat) present in the environment. In this way the air will be cooler.

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Why use fog misting systems?

The answer is easy: use this systems would mean to optimize both purchasing and conducting costs. In fact, other tradidional cooling systems are not able to offer the same advantages in order to cool and humidify indoor environments, as well as, to control dust and odour.

Main uses of fog mist systems

  • Beaches, swimming pools, aquaparks, holiday villages (outdoor cooling, scenic performances)
  • Bar, Restaurants, hotels, patios, gazebo, horses stables, livestocks,  chickens (outdoor cooling, scenic performances, insect removal)
  • Resorts (outdoor cooling, humidification, scenic effects)
  • Industrial warehouses (in-cooling, himidification, dust suppression, pre-cooling)
  • Factory farming (cooling, insects removal)
  • Buildings, Skyscrapers (precooling HVAC)
  • Greenhouses, terrarium, fruits anf fish display (humidification and cooling)
  • Wineries (humidification and cooling)
  • Rubbish dumps (odour suppression)
  • Shooting films (shower effects, special effects)
  • Stop flying insects (for all uses)

Italfog guarantee

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On demand we offer design service, supporting the customer in developing the whole project. The service includes inspection on site to collect all useful information before starting design stage. Many customers aorund the world have requested this service. For more information on this service contact our company in Italy.

For any needs concerning outdoor cooling applications or misting systems in general,  send an email to Italfog . Italfog staff review the information and respond with a customized solution that fits your exact needs.