Automation of misting lines

The automation division, in close collaboration with product and factory technical management teams, designs and build all the control and command systems for Italfog misting systems.

The supervision systems is realized using high quality products present in the market, such as SiemensOmronSchneider ElectricABB etc, in order to supply:

  • Professional control panel with all relevant non-commercial electronics
  • Line supervision systems and interface (HMI)
  • Special electronic and automation projects

The Automation team also checks that the control solutions on offer respond to the real technical and operative needs of the customer, thus ensuring reliabilty, precision and user-friendliness.

Thanks to the personalized automation systems every client can control its misting system lines designed for outdoor cooling, dust and odor control.

If you are reading this page maybe you are looking for a company able to supply not only misting systems but the whole supervision systems in order to control misting line from remote control room.

Feel free to contact Italfog sales department to submit your needs or to get more information.

Automation And Supervision System