Italfog Misting Pumps, Nozzles, Fittings, fans and automation systems

Misting systems for outdoor cooling, humidification, dust and odor control

The use of nebulization systems

Italfog designs and manufactures a full range of misting systems for Indoor and Outdoor Cooling, Industrial Cooling, Dust Suppression, Odor Control, Humidification or Special Effects. Thanks to its long experience in automation systems, Italfog is able to offer customized design for industrial applications, in order to supply complete supervision system (HMI) for cooling, dust and odor control needs. Itafog’s main brands are SiemensOmronSchneider ElectricABB.

This website includes detailed information about our mist system products for outdoor cooling, humidification, dust and odour control applications and automation systems. These system characteristics and performance capabilities can be reviewed by clicking on Application Menu.

Sistemi di nebulizzazione Italfog
Effetti nebulizzazione

Misting Technology

By forcing water, by means of a high pressure pump, through our specially designed misting nozzles, we create a ultra fine mist.

Cooling principle

Billions of tiny water droplets evaporates, becoming water vapor. The energy used to change the water to gas cools the air.

Fields of applications