Erection drawingDo you need the technical support and experience to evaluate what misting systems is right for your big project?

Italfog can support the customer to design misting system for the specific project. This service hepls the customers to acquire all information on how to use misting systems and accordingly to develope the right solution in order to submit a professional proposal in terms of cooling, humidification, dust and odor control using misting systems.

This service includes the main following activities


    • Inspection on site to collect all information before running the design phase (this helps to understand the real needs of customer and the envirnonment where to install the misting systems).
    • Training on site to enhance the knowledge of single items involed in the misting systems (pumps, nozzles, device control, applications, etc).
    • Design phase: develope of the project and proposal. The final proposal will be arranged illustrating graphically how the systems will be installed.
    • Release of the project with final proposal.


On demand the customer can require Italfog supervision during installation.

We love our work and we are glad to offer this service because we love to share our experience in developing professional project and solution in wich our products are involved.

For more information regarding the complete program of this service, contact our office in Italy at