Dust Suppression

Here is some mounting layout example and fog nozzles water consumption table.

These mounting layout example help you to understand how to install a misting systems. Of course you have to adapt the installation according to the real layout in which you want to install the systems.

Recall that the installation and execution of the systems must be carried out by trained personnel according to local regulations.


Italfog system uses high pressure water misting to create an ultra-fine mist. For best results, it is helpful to understand some basic physical principles behind this process.
Evaporation occurs when water turns into steam. Our system initially creates an ultra fine mist using an electric high-pressure nozzles and patented, technologically advanced.
The cooling occurs later when the fog evaporates, it is a process in which heat energy is absorbed when water turns into steam.

With the use of ITALFOG fans (optional), the systems can work even in the presence of high humidity, ventilation, because this speeds up the evaporation process and simultaneously helps to eliminate the air saturated with moisture from the work concerned.

Although it may seem cool mist in the epidermis, which is installed in optimal conditions, our system lowers the temperature of the air through evaporation (the process of adiabatic cooling) without wetting people and things.

Because the environments are very different climatic conditions and ventilation for a useful suggestion is therefore to design the facilities taking into account that climatic factors are variable and then perform the necessary tests in the area concerned, to check the number and type of nozzles and possibly the type of fans or speakers necessary.


Our pumps can be used successfully for many more applications, such as humidity, dust, air conditioning greenhouses.
Consult our technical department for information on fittings, pipes and accessories are recommended for your application.