Italfog products

Italfog misting system for outdoor cooling, humidification, odor and dust control.

About misting systems

The misting systems atomize water trough high pressure pumps and, particularly in hot days, they create a pleasant sensation of freshness.

The heart of the fog mist system are the high pressure pumps (Oasis time – Oasis Pro) completely manufactured in Italy, according to the security rules and regulation of consumption of energy. In addiction of high pressure pumps it’s necessary to take in consideration filters, fittings, nozzles, accessories, control device and all other components to personalize a complete fog system. Italfog catalogue introduce all camponents you need for your misting project.

ITALFOG is the best choice to guarantee the use of professional instruments for your business.

Why to use fog mist systems

The answer is easy: using these systems would mean to optimize both purchasing and conducting cost. In fact, other traditional cooling systems are not able to offer the same advantages in order to cool and humidify indoor environments, as well as to control dust and odour.

Main uses of fog mist systems

  • Beaches, swimming pool, aquaparks, holiday villages (cooling, scenic performance)
  • Bar, Restaurant, Hotels (cooling, scenic performance)
  • Resorts (cooling, humidification, scenic performance)
  • Industrial warehouses (cooling, humidification, dust and odour suppression)
  • Facotry farming (cooling, insect removal)
  • Greenhouses (humidification and cooling)
  • Wineries (humidification and cooling)
  • Quarries (dust suppression)
  • Rubbish dump (odour suppression)
  • Shooting film (special effects)

Who are our prospective customer

All the business enterprises that need to guarantee freshness, humidification, dust and odour suppression, as well as special effects to their environments.

Info and contact

We are present with different dealer/importer in different countries in the world.
Italfog network: Europe (Rome), North of Africa( Tunis), UAE(Dubai), KSA(Jeddha, Riyadh).
Use our contact page to get in contact with dealer in your country.

Design and Supervision

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